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Seawolf Sunset

Seawolf was once the hardest working ocean going tugboat on the world. Launched in the Netherlands in 1957 as Smit Clyde, Seawolf began a global career that would gain her the respect and admiration of mariners from Yokohama to Rotterdam. Her broad shoulders and steadfast heart enabled breathtaking nautical feats of strength and endurance. The most famous of these feats was her 1968 simultaneous tow of two United States Navy aircraft carriers from Boston to Japan. That power, that strength upon the oceans, is now at your disposal.

Seawolf was completely redesigned and rebuilt for five star leisure Smit Clydeand adventure in 2002 and then in 2009 overhauled from her proud prow to her elegant fantail. Her recent refit makes her the finest adventure superyacht extant. In her past, Seawolf achieved world fame for her strength and endurance, earning this classic ship the right to her life of adventure and exploration.

The finest adventure superyacht extant.