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Seawolf Sailboat

Adventure, it is said, is the pursuit of life. This spirit of adventure is at the heart of every day aboard Seawolf, whether you are swimming with humpback whales off the Costa Rican rain forest, exploring the breathtaking sea cliffs of Cape Formentor in the Balaerics or following in the footsteps of Darwin among the astounding creatures of the Galapagos. Seawolf is equipped to support any adventure anywhere on the planet, and she does so without compromise.

Her luxurious accommodations, salons, idyllic deck settings combined with fresh, locally supplied world cuisine, and her expert and adventurous crew will make your journey Seawolf Whalito aboard a story you will tell for the rest of your life. All her life, Seawolf has been up to challenges and adventures on a global scale. Today, she brings with her unsurpassed luxury and comforts to enhance your experience and delight your guests.

Where ordinary ends, and adventure begins.